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jocastaartoninsta is a good way to catch up with recent and available paintings. Red is my new blue.

Red is my new blue. Carmine, Alizarin, cochineal, Scarlet, Indian red, Blood, Burnt Sienna. Oxidised copper as a textural background offsets these tones but takes time to create and process. I am making some pictures to be hung from a wooden baton and weighted, so they become part of a room, like a tapestry. They look good as wall space rather than framed or in-your-face Art Works. Placing them in the middle of plants and furniture looks great. Also easier to post and carry with you in your life journey, like a scroll.


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@jocastaartoninsta is a good place to go to see everyday working output. Meanwhile, I was asked today the origin of my name. Of course Jocasta was the Greek Queen who was won by her son Oedipus when h



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